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They Soar for Us

Sign of good air and water,
the bald eagles soar once again,
their strong and regal stature
an inspiration for our own survival.

Here in December, the pair
are tending twigs in their nest,
and bringing in dry grasses
for the soft baby beds
needed later in March
when three smooth white eggs
will appear,

and both will protect them
even from wind and snows
of late winter.

Mom, with her "eye shadow" & less than snowy head.

Mom, with her “eye shadow” & less than snowy head.


Juvenile invades parents’ nest!




Pair altering the architecture of last year’s nest!

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  1. Beautiful poem! Do you ever sketch them? Must be neat to watch them care for their babies… 🙂

  2. Karen, I’ve taken the screen shots in order to paint them, but have such a backed-up log of subjects I never get to it! Besides botanical subjects, I did the baby polar bear, and baby panda (in watercolor). I did do an ink drawing of one eagle parent in the nest, and it was in the Quarterly as I recall. they ARE beauties, worthy of some careful art. thanks for your comment. You can find this nest at Decorah Iowa live eagle cam, or such. Right now one is just lucky to find the parents there, but come egg laying time, and after . . . . wow! What fun!

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