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Too Short

smashing gold
of maples strikes
me from the blue

as I ride slowly
through woods
these dates in October

but the time is
too short
the time for paint

in the trees
is fleeting
a time I grab

with both hands
mostly a camera
possibly paintbrushes

quickly snapping
this glaring palette
before it flees

Brilliant October Maple, Morton Arboretum, 2020

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White Poinsettia

Aztecs surely knew
what glory they might
bring to hopeful eyes,
cultivating the brilliant

flor de Nochebuena,
delicate broad plant
mostly seen in season
of Christ’s Celebration,

wide green leaves with
snowy bracts fluttering,
gracefully curving to points,
so like wings of angels.

Angels’ Wings – Watercolor by Marilyn Peretti





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Spring Blue

In the heart of the nation
no ocean
so I carve time to indulge
in the widest blue I know:

bluebells blooming
in the woods,
only for a short time
since branches above

show tiny yellow-green
which in this overdue
warmth will enlarge quickly

masking sunlight feeding
this sea of blue,
stealing my ocean,
leaving me once again

on dry land. 

      May, 2018, Morton Arboretum, Lisle, IL

Spring Blue is May prize winner at Wilda Morris Poetry Challenge; photograph by Marilyn Peretti.